How much green lipped mussel dosage for dogs should we give?

According to study published Journal of Nutrition in 2002, the weight of the pet is the biggest consideration to determine dosage of green lipped mussel for your pet.

Here’s the rule of determining the dosage: 15 mg of green lipped mussel powder per 1 pound of your dog’s body weight.

Usually, a capsule of green lipped mussel contain 500 mg of green lipped mussel powder, so you need to divide the dose according to your pet’s weight and size. However, it’s the best to consult your vet before adding any supplement to your dog’s diet.

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How much green lipped mussel dosage for cat?

The rule is same as the rule for dog: 15 mg for 1 pound of cat. While cat’s size usually smaller than dog, you should give green lipped mussel extract for your cats fewer than the dog.

How to give green lipped mussel?

Simple, just break the capsule and sprinkle the green lipped mussel powder all over dog or cat’s food so they will consume it. Make sure your pet doesn’t have allergy to seafood.

Can you recommend me the best green lipped mussel for dogs?

Green lipped mussel New Zealand

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