A complete Guide on Choosing the Best Green Lipped Mussel for Dogs

Just like human, dog suffer from arthritis and joint pain. Instead of getting prescribed with long life medication -that could increased risk of heart attack and strokes-, our furry friend can get their joints young, strong and pain free using green lipped mussel for dogs.

Green lipped mussel (Perna Canalicula) is the secret of Maori tribe from New Zealand who virtually  immune from joint paint. They have very low incidence of joint paint and surprisingly there was no recorded instances of arthritis, thanks to their habit to consume raw green lipped mussel!

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Does green lipped mussel really work for dog with arthritis?

According to research about influence of green lipped mussel in alleviating signs of arthritis in dogs (Bui & Bierer, 2003) there was significant improvement in arthritis, swelling, and joint paint score in dogs that added green lipped mussel powder in their dry diet. These finding shown a strong evidence that adding green lipped mussel powder in dry diet can help to relief dog’s arthritis symptoms.

For more information about the study, please check this link

Green lipped mussel also become very popular with dog owner and there lots of people share their success of green lipped mussel to relief dog’s joint pain:

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Is green lipped mussel safe for dogs?

green lipped mussel fresh

There are lots of dog owner wondering are green lipped mussel safe for dogs? Until this article written, there was no reported news that green lipped mussel harmful for dogs. There is a possible side effects that your dog could have more frequent urination and loose bowel movement in the first weeks. You don’t need to worry about that because it’s the detox period and after the detox period over, you will get what you deserve: No joint pain and no discomfort at all!

Using human’s green lipped mussel powder is also safe for dogs. There are lots of dog owner from the forum (here and here) using GLM formulated for human and use it for dogs appear to be safe. As long as your dogs don’t have seafood allergy, it should be safe to give green lipped mussel powder to your dogs.

In order to get the maximum benefits of green lipped mussel for your dogs and minimize the risk, you should get green lipped mussel its source – New Zealand. However, not all green lipped mussel powder are equal, due to high demand of those mussels, not all company pick the the mussel from environmentally safe area (even in NZ itself), and some company even using high heat heat processing and freezing the mussel for storage that could damage the nutrition.

Where to Buy the Best Green Lipped Mussel for dogs?

Green lipped mussel New Zealand
We personally use and recommend Natural life green lipped mussel, who produce the highest quality green lipped mussel in reasonable price directly from the most pristine area in New Zealand. Here’s why Natural Life different than many other company

  • No additive, no preservatives, no fillers. Only the freshest, purest and the best green lipped mussel
  • Harvested from the most pristine and cleanest area in New Zealand
  • Processed almost immediately after harvesting to ensure we get the freshest mussel ever without any freezing involved
  • Using special low heat processing to lock 100% of nutrients and make sure no essential Omega 3, vitamins, or minerals are lost
  • Carefully harvested in order to maintain sustainable mussel colonies

The process how Natural Life’s green lipped mussel processed make this product far more superior than other companies. Natural Life product sent directly from New Zealand, so it might take longer time to get the product. However, the good thing is they offer FREE SHIPPING for all order over $57, so make sure to take the free shipping offer.

They also really confident about their product quality and even have 100% satisfaction guarantee to their product. If within 6 months you don’t see or feel the difference in your joint mobility, you can report them and they’ll refund your order.

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